All You Need to Know about Wire EDM Machining

An electrical discharge machine (EDM) is primarily used for cutting materials to get them into the required shapes. This is a process used for materials that are good conductors of electricity. Wire EDM is an extremely high-precision method offering a lot of benefits in terms of precision, accuracy, and more compared to traditional machining. This method uses electrical discharges to remove the material from a workpiece with the help of constantly discharging current between two electrodes. The two electrodes are called tools and workpiece electrodes. These two electrodes are separated by a dielectric liquid and voltage is applied to them. There are players offering precision wire EDM services. This post discusses the benefits of wire EDM machining and more.

Working of a Wire EDM

A thin, electrically charged wire is held between two mechanical guides. This forms the tool electrode, while the workpiece to be cut is at the other electrode. Voltage is applied on both these electrodes and slowly increased, which forms an electric field between the two electrodes. When this becomes greater than the strength of the dielectric, the latter breaks down thus allowing the current to flow between the two electrodes. This produces sparks and helps cutting the required material from the workpiece, and this happens quite rapidly. So, the charged wire and the workpiece never come in contact with each other, and there are no physical cutting tools to cut the workpiece. This helps cutting of small, complex, and intricate parts with huge precision and accuracy. By far, this is the most efficient method for all good conductor materials.

Benefits of Wire EDM Machining

Certainly, the wire EDM machining has an edge over traditional machining techniques. This method is known to deliver far superior results than even laser cutting. Although, one may have to invest more than what is required for most traditional methods, you get a good return on investment, and it turns profitable in the long run. Apart from being cost effective, wire EDM machining offers many benefits. Here are some of them:

    • Precision and quality: Fine precision and quality in cutting can be achieved using the wire EDM method, no matter how hard the metal.

    • Tolerance: High tolerance levels of about +/- 0.0002 inches can be achieved using this process.

    • Cutting small and complex shapes: Usually, cutting small objects can be difficult, and to form extremely complex shapes with an equal amount of precision is just as challenging. This method, however, enables you to make complex and small shapes as required of the workpiece.

    • Suitable for cutting fragile objects: Some fragile and delicate workpieces may get damaged if traditional methods are used. However, this method avoids any contact with the object at all, and hence there is no physical pressure applied. Hence, it decreases the possibility of damage to the workpiece.

    • Minimal infrastructure: The space and infrastructure required for this method is minimal. Additionally, it is cost effective.

    • High Speed: You can cut metals into the required shape at a reasonably high speeds and multiply your production volume. Also, the quality remains intact with no place for burring or distortion of metal workpieces. This enables prototyping, which can save costs in the long run and add to the business profits.

    Are you looking for precision wire EDM services? However, make sure you approach authorized players who offer precision and cater to your requirements relating to the products or components. BDE Manufacturing Technologies offers all kinds of CNC machining services, including precision wire EDM services, and is very particular about quality.

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