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All You Need to Know about Wire EDM Machining

An electrical discharge machine (EDM) is primarily used for cutting materials to get them into the required shapes. This is a process used for materials that are good conductors of electricity. Wire EDM is an extremely high-precision method offering a lot of benefits in terms of precision, accuracy, and more compared to traditional machining. This method uses electrical discharges to remove the material from a workpiece with the help of constantly discharging current between two electrodes. The... Read more

Vertical Vs. Horizontal Milling: What is Your Choice?

Milling machines are one of the important industrial tools used in the sheet metal fabrication industry. However, these machines are also used for machining wood and other hard materials. Today, there are various types of milling machines used across various industries, still, they are typically categorized as horizontal, and vertical machining centers. How do these machines differ? How do they contribute to milling operations? What is the right milling machine for your operation? Are you eager... Read more

Get Introduced to Centerless Grinding and its Various Benefits

In the manufacturing industry, various machining processes are employed to produce a perfect workpiece. Some of these processes have been around for a while, and are still popular due to continuous advancements. Centerless grinding is one such process, which has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is one of those grinding techniques, which is being increasingly employed for short-term manufacturing. What this process is all about, and its various types? Why is this process popular... Read more

BDE Manufacturing Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

It is a holiday season! Are you busy planning a party and reunion with your friends and loved ones? We are also busy with the same and believe that it is the perfect time to take a break from our busy schedules and reflect on the year 2018 and people who helped us attain new heights in 2018. A business depends on several factors for survival and success. Among them, customers and employees are the critical ones. So, we would like to take this time to acknowledge their support and trust in us.... Read more

Do You Know How a Milling Machine Works?

A milling machine is an equipment used during metal cutting to produce parts of various shapes and sizes. Milling machine follows certain steps, in which the different parts work in conjunction with one another, and the end product is a machined part. Are you intrigued to know what all steps are involved in the working of a milling machine? Read the following post to find out.What is the Working Principle of Milling Machine?Before you proceed with the working of the milling machine, it is... Read more

Top Powerful Factors that can Impact Manufacturing Costs – II

CNC machining is a process, which is involves lots of considerations such as materials, tolerances, sizes, shapes, etc. All these factors contribute to the prices in their own way. In the previous post, we have discussed a few important factors that may lead to high manufacturing costs. In this post, we will be discussion another set of factors that usually contribute to high manufacturing costs.What are the Major Factors that Impact the Manufacturing Costs of CNC Machined Products?Apart from... Read more

BDE Celebrates National Manufacturing Day 2018 with Students

Students from local Century High School in Hillsboro, Oregon attended the Manufacturing Day Event 2018 at BDE Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. on October 05, 2018. The National Manufacturing Day aims to generate awareness about the future of manufacturing, lucrative career options in manufacturing, and clear the air about careers in manufacturing. A Brief History of National Manufacturing DayCelebrated on the first Friday of October, the Manufacturing Day honors the tradition of manufacturing.... Read more

Understanding the Basics of Milling Machine

The manufacturing industry requires different types of machines, instruments, and equipment to carry out various processes, for manufacturing products. Among these many equipment and instruments used in the said industry, is one machine, which has a great importance – milling machine. What is this machine? What are the various parts of a milling machine? Are you curious to know? If yes, then read the following post, which answers these questions for you. What is a Milling Machine?A milling... Read more

Top Powerful Factors that can Impact Manufacturing Costs

As we all know, CNC machining has become the most widely used service in most industries. When you have any CNC machining requirement, the first thing to do is approach a service provider and asks for a quote. Most of the times, the quoted price may feel like a random guess. Similarly, the manufacturing costs may sometimes look too high or, very cheap, at times. What are the factors that decide the rise or fall of manufacturing costs? Would you like to know? This post is focused on discussing... Read more

6 Reasons for the Popularity of CNC Machining over Traditional Machining

Which is the best, CNC machining process (Computer Numerical Control) or conventional machining method? Many product manufacturers have this question and are unsure which one to prefer during the fabrication process. There is no doubt that conventional machining still has value as they deliver the exact part, on the specification, that’s ordered. However, CNC machining outperforms traditional machining due to their advanced features and capabilities. Let us explore some of the benefits of CNC... Read more

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