Get Introduced to Three Electrical Discharge Machining Techniques

Electrical discharge machining, or EDM, is a non-contact machining technique that utilizes electric power to perform. It is a process used for removing the excess material from a workpiece via erosion of an electric spark to give it the desired shape. EDM is primarily applied to materials that are hard to machine, for example – titanium. Although for any layman, electrical discharge machining services may seem like one technique, however, there are three methods involved. Are you intrigued to know what they are? If yes, this post discusses the same and more. 

Three Important Electrical Discharge Machining Techniques Discussed 

Most electrical discharge machining services perform three types of techniques. These include sinker discharge machining, wire EDM, hole drilling EDM, etc. Let’s take a look at what these methods are and how they work:

  • Sinker Discharge Machining: This method is also known as ram or cavity EDM. A sinker discharge machine works with 2D copper or graphite electrodes that are submerged in oil or dielectric water, thus working as an insulator. When the power is supplied to the electrodes, they start forming a spark gap. The spark gap applies force to the electrodes, which allows them to shape the workpiece using a thermal process. In addition, the electrodes are kept near each other to clear the debris. The sinker discharge machining process is ideally used for molding and creating complex die sets.
  • Wire EDM: As the name suggests, the process uses a wired electrode for cutting the workpiece. The wire is used as a cutter which creates a spark between the electrode and the workpiece for eroding the excess material. The method assures hardness, conduciveness, and tensile strength to the material. Therefore, wire electrical discharge machining is primarily used for making extrusion tools, die sets, and so on.
  • Hole Drilling EDM: The hole drilling method uses an electrically charged rotating tube electrode for producing deep and precise dimensional apertures in conductive metals. This EDM method is the earliest machining method and is used for creating products, including medical devices, rocket engines, and so on. Also, this is the only EDM method that can produce long, straight, and small boreholes.

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