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    Today, CNC machining or Computer Numerical Control machining is used in a number of industries. The CNC machines are fast, precise, and adaptable. These qualities of this equipment make them ideal for use in a variety of applications and industries. If you are looking for a CNC machining expert for your architectural application or construction industry, then your search ends here. BDE Manufacturing Technologies is an experienced firm, which has a reputation for providing quality machining services to construction or architectural clients in the US.

    Architectural CNC Machining Capabilities 

    In the construction or architecture industry, the accuracy of the design is of utmost importance. Minute details are required to be taken care of while working. This can be achieved with the help of CNC machining technique. At BDE Inc., we have the following CNC machining capabilities:

    1. Machining Capabilities – As far as the machining capabilities are concerned, we can provide you a variety of services for the architectural industry. Here are some of our machining capabilities:

    Large Part CNC Machining: As a part of our large part CNC machining services, we provide turning and milling services. This allows us to carry out a variety of operations, such as parting, grooving, knurling, boring, threading, and much more. We can design and machine large parts efficiently, thanks to the advanced 3, 4 and 5 axes vertical and horizontal machining equipment that we use. 

    Rapid Prototype Machining: This service can be availed when small quantities of custom-made parts are required. Our fast turnaround times, coupled with quick turn CNC milling process, helps us provide rapid prototype machining. We have the capability to produce rapid prototype machined parts with a maximum size of 32″ x 64″ x 25″ high. We maintain our standard tolerances at ± .0002″.

    2. CNC Machined Materials – Our well-equipped facility allows us to machine parts from a wide range of materials. We can provide CNC machined parts in the following material options:

    • Brass: This material is highly versatile, and is used in various architectural applications. Brass has a low coefficient of friction, and high malleability, which makes it ideal for a variety of applications. Additionally, it is anti-microbial, rust-proof, and non-sparking, which has made it a popular choice for various cable applications. 

    • Copper: The material has various useful properties, such as good conductor of heat and electricity, and easy weldability. Copper can be easily forged, hammered, or pressed into any form, and is corrosion and rust resistant, too. We provided copper CNC machining services for furniture, plumbing fixtures, lighting, etc. 

    • Aluminum: It is one of the most popular industrial metals used today. Aluminum parts are economical and attractive. We provide a comprehensive range of aluminum CNC machining services. We work with various aluminum grades such as aluminum 2024, aluminum 5052, aluminum 6061, etc. 

    • Steel and Stainless Steel: Steel and stainless parts are widely used in architecture and construction due to their affordability and excellent mechanical properties. Steel parts are economical due to the lower material costs and are stronger. Stainless steel parts feature the strength of steel, as a well as anti-corrosive properties of chromium. 

    • Titanium: Featuring high strength to weight ratio, high corrosion resistance, titanium parts are widely used in various architectural and construction industry applications. 

    Give us a call today, and allow us to help you with your CNC machining requirements for architectural applications and construction industry. You can contact us on 866.262.6233. You can also send us an email with your requirements and queries at