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    The semiconductor industry is a rapidly growing industry. This is because semiconductor CNC machined parts are used in various electronic and integrated circuits. These parts are custom designed to meet specific electronic application requirements and they play a key role in their functioning. Thus, they demand high precision in terms of design. Semiconductors possess properties between insulators and conductors at room temperature. This unique property combined with the requirement of high precision makes semiconductor product manufacturing critical. At BDE, Inc, uses a hi-tech CNC machining process to manufacture semiconductor components. We understand the high precision requirement of this industry and have been supporting clients’ high-quality critical parts for their applications. Our semiconductor CNC machined components are utilized by multiple industries such as electronics, medical, aerospace, aeronautics, and so on.

    Semiconductor CNC Machining Capabilities:

    The semiconductor CNC machining capabilities of BDE, Inc are detailed as follows.

    • Semiconductor CNC Turning & Milling:

      Various semiconductor components demand a close tolerance machining. In such cases, we perform CNC milling, as it allows us to achieve minimum tolerance on flatness, surface finish, and dimensional precision on semiconductor components. Similarly, for cylindrical components, we use CNC turning which ensures the closest tolerance on circularity, cylindricity, and surface finish of the semiconductor components.

    • Semiconductor CNC Precision Machining:

      Semiconductor components are often utilized in electronic industries. These components tend to be small in size and complex. CNC is a precision machining process, as it allows micro dimensioning and intricate part production. Therefore, precision CNC machining offers intricate semiconductor product manufacturing.

    • CAD/CAM:

      The CNC components are first traced to the CAD model and then fed to the CNC machine. CNC machining is considered a CAD to mechanical profile conversion technique. Therefore, for the simplest to the complex semiconductor components, we utilize CAD/CAM modeling. CAD offers dimensional modeling whereas CAM offers 3D visualization of components. It helps in testing the component compatibility prior to the actual manufacturing.

    Semiconductor Material We Work With

    We work with various semiconductor materials for component manufacturing. The following are a few prominent ones among them:

    • Silicon:

      Silicon is a pure semiconductor with semi-crystalline nature, which is used in the electronic component manufacturing. It is moderately adaptable with machining processes, therefore we use precision CNC machining for manufacturing machined electronic components.

    • Aluminum Nitride:

      Aluminum nitride offers excellent machinability with high mechanical strength. It also offers properties like high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance, therefore it is suitable for semiconductor CNC machining.

    • Silicon Nitride:

      Silicon nitride is a material that assures high machinability. This material offers high mechanical strength, toughness, and thermal shock resistance. Therefore, we regularly machine this material for manufacturing multiple semiconductor components.

    Applications of Semiconductor CNC Machining

    At BDE, we regularly perform semiconductor CNC machining for the following parts:

    • Solder paste stencils
    • Gaskets, seals, and sockets
    • Insulators
    • Fine line electronic circuits
    • Electronic precision components
    • Electromagnetic wafer chucks
    • Computer chips
    • Gas distribution plates
    • Wafer carriers
    • Flex circuit stiffeners

    No matter, if you require semiconductor components for PCB manufacturing or chip making, we can help you with all your machining needs. Our advanced CNC machining capabilities enable us to take prototyping to a small volume and medium-range projects as well as high volume repeat production. Please click here to request a quote for hi-tech CNC machining in the semiconductor industry or contact us on 866.262.6233. Alternatively, you can also send us an email with your queries at to know more about our CNC machining capabilities.