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    High-quality and Reliable Custom Energy Machining Services in the US

    The energy industry is one of the fastest growing industries because it provides electricity and other forms of energy. Also, the industry caters to a wide range of commercial and industrial customers. The energy industry encompasses a wide range of resources such as solar, propane, natural gas, water, wind, electricity, etc. Most energy industry players use various types of equipment for harnessing fossil fuels, as well as water, wind, solar energy, etc. Thus, it demands parts or components that are precision machined, and durable. There are very few companies that meet this requirement. BDE Manufacturing stands tall among them. Whether your energy-based initiatives involve gas and oil exploration, or power generation, we can optimize your manufacturing flexibility through our advanced energy machining capabilities.  

    Energy Machining Capabilities of BDE Manufacturing

    The following machining capabilities allow us to serve our energy clients efficiently:

    • Multi-Axis CNC Turning: We have several machining centers, which are capable of delivering large turning diameters. Our turning services adhere to ASME, ISO, RoHS, and MIL-Spec standards. Live tooling helps us increase efficiency by eliminating the secondary operations. 

    • CNC Milling: Our advanced vertical & horizontal CNC machining centers enable us to efficiently complete complex milling operations. These machining centers also allow us to achieve precise tolerances and dimensions of complex components. 

    • Precision CNC Machining: Our facility comprises all advanced state-of-the-art machining equipment, which allows us to provide a wide range of precision machining services, including countersinking and counterboring, internal and external threading, turning, tapping, etc. 

    Materials We Work With

    Our in-depth understanding of materials has helped us deliver durable parts to our clients. At BDE, we regularly work with the following materials:

    • Alloy Steel: As the name suggests, these include various types of steel alloys, which are widely used by energy and other industries. Most steel alloys possess good tensile strength, toughness, and malleability. Also, these steels have excellent wear resistance and strength characteristics. Most energy companies use alloy steel components in applications that require excellent strength, and corrosion resistance. 

    • Brass: This is a non-magnetic material used for strength applications, as well as building components requiring electrical conductivity. Brass parts are used in energy applications due to their strength, and visual appeal. 

    • Low Carbon Steel: It is a magnetic material, which rusts easily when exposed to environmental factors. The carbon steel is easy to machine and is utilized for applications, where high strength is required. 

    • Plastics: Most plastics are easy to machine, and used for energy applications that require excellent corrosion resistance, weight, transparency, as well as low friction. We work with various industrial-grade plastics. 

    • Stainless Steel: It is a strong material, which is corrosion resistant, and non-magnetic. Most stainless steel grades offer excellent strength and are suitable for outdoor applications. We machine stainless steel parts for outdoors. 

    • Monel: It is an age-hardenable alloy of nickel and copper, which offers excellent mechanical properties in a wide temperature range from sub-zero up to 480 °C. We regularly machine parts made from monel, which are used in marine, as well as chemical environments. 

    Typical Energy Industry Applications Machined By BDE

    We provide CNC machining services for the following:

    • Solar Energy Cells

    • Gas and Fluid Manifold Blocks and Components

    • Hubs, Sleeves, and Couplings

    • Weldments, Brackets, and Guides

    • Gear Cases, Housings, and Covers

    • Shafts and Motion Components

    • Light Assemblies

    Advanced machining capabilities, combined with our extensive knowledge of materials, makes BDE one of the most powerful machining partners for energy industry clients. For a free quote, please fill our online quote form. You can contact us today to expedite your order.