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    Precise CNC Machining for the Military and Defense Industry

    BDE, Inc. specializes in precision CNC parts and components that match military standards. We can provide complex machined parts at close tolerances along with accurate supporting documentation.  

    Military/Defense Machining Capabilities

    Our following machining capabilities were developed over 30 years. These capabilities have helped us establish a brilliant reputation in the industry. 

    • CNC Turning and CNC Milling: CNC milling and turning has become an integral part of defense machining due to various advantages offered by them. We provide end-to-end CNC milling and turning services to our defense customers. Customers regularly approach us for their specific boring, hard turning, peripheral milling, parting, and drilling requirements. Our services meet Mil-spec specifications. 

    • CAD/CAM Programming Services: We utilize CAD/CAM in different phases of defense machining. This allows us to ensure quality and precision of the designed parts. 

    • EDM Machining: Our advanced EDM machines allow us to complete complex projects at quick turnarounds, and in tight tolerances up to +/_ 0.0001. We employ 4-axis machining to produce high-quality products. We use various advanced CAM software, which helps us import parts, files, and drawings easily. 

    Materials We Work With 

    We have helped our defense industry clients to machine parts, and components made from the following materials:

    • Titanium: This material has gained popularity in defense and aerospace industry due to various properties including excellent corrosion resistance, reliability, thermal expansion, strength to weight ratio. Titanium offers excellent machinability, which makes it a popular choice for military air frames, as armors, and various other structural elements.  

    • Cobalt Chrome: The material is also referred as cobalt chromium. Cobalt chrome is an alloy of chromium and cobalt and is well-known for its excellent specific strength. Our defense industry clients approach us for machining various types of mechanical parts and engine components made from cobalt chrome. 

    • Nickel Alloys: High quality and strength are requisites of most defense industry applications. Nickel alloys allow us to meet those requirements easily. Nickel alloys are well-known for their chemical and mechanical properties such as low thermal expansion, memory hysteresis, electrical resistance, etc. 

    • Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel: These are one of the most common materials used in the defense industry. Stainless steel is well-known for its durability, and excellent corrosion resistance. This quality makes it suitable for various harsh work environments. Carbon steel is used for making items that demand less ductility. This may include various types of bayonets, knives, and hand-held instruments used by defense personnel.  

    o 12L14: This steel alloy comprises small quantities of chromium, molybdenum, nickel, copper, and chromium. 12L14 steel is extensively used for manufacturing numerous defense industry mechanical parts that require close tolerances, and precise machining. 

    Program Capabilities

    Our extensive supply chain management system and the following capabilities help us serve our clients better:

    • Pull Kanban

    • Lean Focused

    • Excellent Engineering Coordination 

    • Forecasting Responsiveness

    • Cost Reduction Initiative

    Applications of CNC Machining in Defense Industry

    We provide defense machining services for the following parts:

    • Aircraft seat frames
    • Aerospace couplers
    • Retainer rings
    • Missile components
    • Flanges
    • Fuser rollers
    • Helicopter & naval ship components
    • Track hubs
    • Munitions hoist components
    • Main rotor hub
    • Transmission components
    • Naval engines and structural systems
    • Retainer rings
    • Clamshells

    Certifications and Standards

    Our following capabilities make us popular with our defense industry customers:

    • Mil-Spec

    • Defense Industry Compliance

    • ISO Compliant

    Our state-of-the-art machining facility combined with our vast industry experience, and expertise makes us one of the preferred vendors for diverse military machining projects. Our experts work closely with customers to understand their specific requirements. Also, they can suggest appropriate building materials, and designs according to diverse working conditions. Our world-class customer service and guaranteed quality assurance have won us lots of satisfied clients. To know more, please contact us at the earliest. You can also request a quote for CNC machining in the defense industry.