BDE Expands its Machining Capabilities with the Okuma MB 5000

BDE Manufacturing, Inc., the leader in CNC manufacturing in Oregon, continually strives to meet eclectic requirements of clients. The organization prides itself on completing projects within budget, on time, and creating products to exact specifications.

Over the years, BDE has been making efforts to expand its manufacturing facility, in order to be in a stronger position to serve clients. Recently, the organization expanded its facility by incorporating a new machining cell, which comprises the state-of-the-art Okuma MB 5000 Dual Machining Cell with a 63 Pallet Station. This post provides information about the machine, the improved services that BDE is providing with its help, and the benefits that customers can accrue.

What is the Okuma MB 5000?

This is a high speed horizontal machining center, which provides immense power to ensure high levels of manufacturing productivity. The machine is designed with 326 tool magazines, and an anti-tool wear software. The Okuma MB 5000 is capable of reaching 15,000 rpm, is thermally stable, and offers benefits of quick acceleration and tool changes, and effortless completion of repeat orders.

The installation of the machine has allowed BDE to increase its volume in terms of production. Customers can now contact BDE for large volume requirements as well their other machining offerings.

Benefits Accrued from BDE’s new Machining Cell

The addition of the Okuma MB 5000 has led to many benefits that BDE and clients can gain.

  • Customers can contact BDE for product requirements with unique materials. These manufacturing materials can include ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastic, and different types of exotic materials.
  • The use of the Okuma MB 5000 dual machining cell with a 63 pallet station is programmable. This allows BDE engineers to produce bulk quantities of one item.
  • Thanks to the cell, BDE can now provide Just In Time (JIT) deliveries. JIT deliveries means that BDE can meet client orders faster, and more efficiently.
  • The Okuma MB 5000 is designed to run “lights out”, which means the amount of time required to complete and deliver an order has been reduced from weeks to days.

Hence, if you require high quality product machining, contact BDE Manufacturing Inc. They provide large scale production quotes, along with solutions related to prototyping, EDM machining, manufacturing, CAD/CAM programming, and assembly.

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