BDE Manufacturing Technologies – Providing High Quality CNC Industrial Solutions

CNC machined parts and tools are essential for success in many industries. Industrial organizations expect their tools and components to be of the highest quality and durability, while adhering to industry specifications. This goal is consistently achieved by BDE Manufacturing Technologies (BDE).

BDE is a fully equipped CNC machining services provider based in Hillsboro Oregon, near Portland. The organization provides comprehensive machining services to clients by focusing on solutions to meet a client’s manufacturing requirements. BDE achieves this by combining state-of-the-art technologies with immense CNC machining knowledge and experience.

A Look at BDE’s Service Offerings

At BDE, we provide comprehensive services ranging from planning, preproduction consulting, and design services, to prototyping, production, and assembly. These services are divided into:

  • CAD & CAM Programming
  • Electric Discharge Machining
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • CNC Machining, Turning, and Milling

CNC Machining Turning and Milling

We are also capable of designing different types of tooling and fixtures. We can even handle short run productions.

Utilizing Latest Technologies to Ensure Complete Success

BDE has strong and diverse manufacturing capabilities. This is thanks to our endeavor to always utilize the latest in software and equipment. Our staff works in a 35,000 sq. ft. facility, which houses the latest in multi-core computers, design and programming software, and CNC milling, turning, and machining equipment.

We also have an inspection department comprising high-tech systems, comparators, and measuring tools to perform detailed inspections of all our machined products. The entire facility is supported by a specialized Enterprise, Resource, Planning tool (ERP) Software, which allows us to control the entire shop’s activities. These range from quotes and work orders, to shipping and accounting. The software also keeps track of any RMAs, vendor approvals, conformance issues, engineering changes, etc.

Our clientele includes organizations in four countries, and 22 cities across North America. BDE adheres to regulations created by ISO. We also possess FAI & IPI inspection documents for critical features.

BDE Manufacturing Technologies prides itself on providing innovative machining solutions to industrial clients. Our combination of latest technology, knowledge, experience makes us the leaders in CNC machining and industrial components manufacturing. Click here if you would like to look at our recently completed projects.


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