Defining Parameters for CNC Turning Machines

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is the advanced industrial equipment pre-programmed to meet different machining requirements. These machines produce a precise output based on the specifications of the work piece. There are various kinds of CNC machines used today. One of them is CNC turning machines, which are used to produce cylindrical parts. In these machines, a work piece keeps on rotating, and the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion. In this blog, we will discuss the cutting parameters for the CNC turning machines.

Cutting Parameters for CNC Turning Machines

Right cutting parameters produces a precise output, which helps in reducing cycle times, and machine costs. The speed and motion of the cutting tool are specified through several parameters that can be modified for different operations based upon the workpiece material and tool size.

Cutting speed: This criterion measures the number of feet the tool passes over the surface of the work piece per minute in Surface Feet per Minute (SFM). The material and the process often decide the cutting speed. For example, grooving requires slower cutting speed for accurate results.

Cutting Feed: This parameter measures the distance undertaken by the cutting tool for every single revolution. It is measured in Inches per Revolution (IPR). Depending upon the mode of operation, the tool is either fed into the workpiece or the workpiece is fed into the tool.

Spindle Speed: The spindle speed is obtained when the cutting speed is divided by the circumference of the work piece in Revolutions per Minute (R.P.M). The speed varies depending upon several factors like the diameter of the cut or the surface area.

Feed Rate: It is defined as the speed of the cutting tool when it cuts through the material. It is the product of the cutting and spindle speed measured in Inches per Minute (IPM).

Axial Depth of Cut: This parameter measures the depth of a tool as it cuts towards the axis of the material. A large axial depth of cut is needed to overcome the high load on the tool.

Radial Depth of the Cut: This parameter measures the depth of the tool as it cuts along the radius of the material. To enhance the quality of the cutting tool, a lower feed rate is needed.

The CNC turning machines aid in the accomplishment of specific machining needs. You can always approach a leading CNC turning services provider like BDE Manufacturing Technologies to discuss your requirements, and understand the importance of the above-mentioned parameters.

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