Frequently Asked Questions Answered about Wire EDM Machining: Part 2

Wire EDM Machining, as perceived by many is not at all a new technique on the block, instead, it has been around since the late 1960s. The machining plays a predominant role in precisely cutting work pieces weighing over thousands of pounds. Check out the working, list of materials compatible, and advantages of wire EDM in the last post. This post answers all those questions that you would like to know about this technique.

What are the Components of a Wire EDM system?

Although available in several models, all kinds of EDM machines have the following components in common.

  • Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Power Supply
  • Mechanical Section comprises of worktable, workstand, taper unit, and wire drive mechanism.
  • Dielectric System

What Kinds of Finishing the Machining can Achieve?

Usually, wire EDM machining can render smooth, yet matte finish or similar to a surface ground finish to the work piece.

What are the Personal Safety Precautions to be taken during the Machining Process?

The machining process can be dangerous in case if you don’t pay attention to some basic safety precautions. Stringently follow the guidelines below throughout the process.

  • Do not touch the component being cut during the process
  • Do not touch the brass wire when it is in operation
  • Rectify immediately in case any leakage of deionized water from the machine
  • Use rubber gloves and protective shoes throughout the process
  • Refrain from wearing conductive ornaments like watch and gold

Who uses Wire EDM?

Wire EDM machining is employed largely to get delicate and specific cuts or imprints on the work pieces. It helps to form deep holes, hard tapping, whilst also helping to remove broken taps. The machining is largely depended on to create several parts for use in aerospace, automobile, medical industries, among several others. The following are a few parts that are usually machined using the technique.

  • Miniature Parts
  • Internal Gear
  • Titanium Needles
  • Power Generation Turbine Blades

A single string of thin metal wire can cut thick metal precisely, now you may think how amazing and innovative the technique is. The machining has undergone several improvements since its invention, which in turns allow it to cut extremely hard materials with tight tolerances.

Although the wire EDM machining gives accurate cutting, it is important that the machining must be handled by experts to get optimum results. As the demand rises, there has been a steep increase in numbers of machining service providers who claim to offer reliable wire EDM machining services. Instead of blindly choosing a firm, it is important to understand the capabilities and experience the company owns in the domain of wire EDM machining. Associating with a prominent name not only helps to create intricate shapes with outstanding precision but also provides you with outstanding technical assistance. Are you in search of such a service provider who possesses a rich legacy in meeting the clients’ manufacturing needs? Contact the team BDE Manufacturing Technologies (BDE), who is an expert in this viable technique that has largely contributed to growth in the metalworking industry.

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