Important Aspects Regarding Quality Inspection of CNC Machining

Quality control is an important aspect in every industry – be it for products, parts, processes, tools or machines. Today, manufacturers are opting CNC machining over traditional machining for several advantages that it offers. Although CNC machining assures better productivity and fewer errors than traditional machining, quality inspections are still an integral part of manufacturing. Quality control and inspections are carried out at various stages of machining. Also, quality assurance is an important aspect here, and it is different from quality control. Quality assurance refers to the processes set by the organization and an authorized body to carry out quality inspection. This includes the related documentation as well. So, we can say quality assurance is the setting up of processes and documentation, while quality control is the implementation of the same on a periodic basis or as required. This post discusses the importance of such quality inspections and methods used for CNC machining.

Stages of Product Lifecycle and Modes of Quality Inspection

During any product development, the process monitoring and inspection is just as important.

Inspection is done at three levels and they are as described below:

  • Testing of machine tools’ accuracy: In this mode, the alignment and kinematic accuracy of the machine tools are checked. Various other parameters are inspected such as orientation of spindles, holders, axes, and so on. The spindle should be perpendicular to the table. The axes angle and bend must be accurate. The linear axis is checked.
  • Part or product testing:In this mode, the part dimensions and location are checked. This also includes checking the positioning, surface finish, and form among other parameters. Dimensional and geometric tolerances are also checked based on the requirement or application.
  • Process monitoring and control: This comprises the checking of process steps at each stage to avoid process-related errors, which could result in a faulty product or unnecessary delays in manufacturing. There are various stages in a product lifecycle, which begin with an ideation or conceptualization. Then comes the design, feasibility study, analysis, pilot production phase, testing, bulk production, and so on. Quality inspection here comes at every level.

Parameters to Check During the Quality Inspection of CNC Machining

Here are a few parameters you must check during quality inspection of CNC machines:

The purpose of rapid prototyping must be served when using a CNC machine to produce a certain part. Ensure your machine can make the required product and prototype.

  • Aim for tight tolerances and ensure your machines offer the required precision and keep minimal room for errors.
  • Check the spindles on the CNC equipment
  • Ensure the machines are accurately calibrated; they may lose it over time.
  • Seek a professional testing services provider in case you do not have a well-equipped QC staff.
  • Record the inspection outcome and document it for future references.
  • Opt for ISO certification levels; this offers a certain credibility.
  • If you are outsourcing this function, check the credibility of the service providers and keep an open communication with them.
  • If you are leasing or buying this equipment at your facility, ensure you check all the features of the machine and ask for a warranty.

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