Know About Different Types of CNC Machining Techniques

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is an important manufacturing technique used to shape metals or other materials such as plastic into different desired specifications. In addition to adding, cutting or removing material, CNC machining helps achieve the desired form with minimum efforts. Different machining patterns, blades, and axes are used for processes such as turning, milling, and so on to get the best results. These machining techniques have emerged to improve energy efficiency, limit the generation of byproducts, and overcome machining errors associated with traditional machining. Owing to their increasing popularity, today, it is easy to find several machining shops specializing in different CNC machining services. This post highlights a few commonly used CNC machining services and their applications.

Top 5 Commonly Used CNC Machining Techniques

The following are some commonly used machining techniques. Each of these processes plays a key role in manufacturing the part and enhance its unique properties.

CNC Turning: When turning, the workpiece rotates and the cutting tool is placed on moving slides and fed to the workpiece for removing material in the desired pattern. The slide can be rotated up and down the workpiece length. Also, it can be moved away from or closer to the centerline. This action is ideal for removing a huge amount of material quickly. Lathes are common turning equipment used to make concentric shapes on the outer edge of the circular part. They can produce smooth and uniform surface finishes.

CNC Drilling: Drilling is one of the most important machining processes, which makes use of a narrow, two-edged rotating device to achieve precise round holes in a workpiece. Drills are used to produce both large and small holes, as small as a few micrometers in diameters. When machining a workpiece, a drill can chip off the nearby material which forms the waste. Drilling is an easy, economical, yet an essential machining process offered by leading CNC machining services.

CNC Milling: It is another important machining technique that uses multi-point rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece. The milling machine involves the moveable table wherein the workpiece is mounted. Many milling machines feature stationary cutting tools, and the table moves the workpiece to make the desired cuts. Milling can be done in two ways: peripheral and face milling. Peripheral milling cuts deep slots, whereas face milling cuts flat surfaces of the workpiece. Milling can be used as a secondary process to an already machined workpiece. The technique serves as the finishing coat and adds features such as pockets, slots, holes, and more.

CNC Grinding: Many applications demand a very flat surface on metal parts. One of the best ways to make such a precise surface is with grinding. This technique utilizes a spinning disk to make slight cuts on a workpiece. Surface grinding is used to texturize or make slight cuts on the workpiece.

EDM: Electrical discharge machining, also referred to as spark eroding, uses electrical discharges to make desired cuts on the workpiece. EDM works well with a workpiece made of electrically-conductive materials. The method is ideal for materials that would be difficult to machine with traditional machining techniques. EDM can cut complex cavities in pre-hardened materials without requiring the heat treatment to soften them.

All of these are some of the common machining techniques offered by CNC machining services in the US. They are widely used in all spheres of manufacturing to achieve precision designed parts in short turnaround times. CNC machining has helped manufacturers improve their time to market capabilities and build a short market footprint. As said before, today, it is easy to find  CNC machine shops claiming to offer superior CNC machining services, however, very few have real expertise to meet your requirements.  BDE Manufacturing Technologies is one of the leading providers of CNC machining services in the US. The company has been providing CNC machining services to its clients across aerospace, medical, military, oil and gas, and several other industries efficiently for several years now.

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