Learn About Applications of Wire EDM Machining

Machining parts with complex geometries or delicate features has been a challenge. Over the years, various techniques have been employed to create such parts, and wire EDM machining is one of them. It is a type of CNC machining which is used to machine small and delicate parts. You will be surprised to know that many applications you see today are created using wire EDM machining. This post introduces you to some popular applications of this machining technique.

Wire EDM Machining and Its Industrial Applications Discussed 

This technique has been employed for the following machining applications:

  1. Implantable Medical Devices Machining: 

Implantable medical devices require a high level of accuracy. They are machined carefully to avoid any distortion. These parts require taper cuts, which are achieved through wire EDM machining. During this process, no contact is established between the workpiece and the wire, and this helps avoid any type of damage or distortion.  

  1. Injection Molding: 

The EDM is an advanced machining process that allows a small workpiece to be molded in different shapes. This machining technique is employed to create extremely tapered pockets, insert pockets, inserts, and tapered pockets, precision holes and small holes, and so on.

  1. Extrusion Dies: 

Extrusion and forging dies are difficult to machine. The wire EDM cuts through hard alloys and can easily create a varying draft angle using a single tool pass. 

  1. Small Hole Drilling: 

As the name suggests, small hole drilling is considered the most reliable machining process for drilling holes in plastic molds, turbine blades, cutting tools, punch injectors, and so on. 

  1. Aerospace Components Machining: 

Aerospace components have stringent machining requirements. High accuracy and strict tolerances are two standard requirements in this industry. This can be easily achieved using EDM. They help create high-stress and high-temperature parts such as engine systems, fuel systems, landing gear systems, and advanced weapon systems. 

In addition to the above, wire EDM machining is commonly used for:

  • Creating holes in pneumatic or air brakes

  • Repairing worn dies for cold and hot forging and re-machining

  • Machining electrodes 

  • Micro-tooling micro-USM, micro-EDM, and other micromachining applications 

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