The Reasons behind the Popularity of 3 Axis CNC Machining

Even though 5 axis CNC machining has become the next big thing in milling solutions, 3 axis CNC machining is still looked at as an efficient and profitable solution. There are a few reasons why many companies prefer using 3 axis machining equipment. This post discusses the various reasons for the same.

The Various Benefits of 3 Axis CNC Machining

One of the reasons why 3 axis machines are popular is that they are able to provide a variety of benefits to facility owners. These include:

• Machining centers with 3 axes means that the machine is capable of milling a component by moving the axes in three different directions.

• Another advantage of the 3 axis machining is that all the three axes move at the same time. This allows the machine to create more complex components, as compared to 2.5 axis machining.

• An entire machining element can be created using 3 axis machines. These can include fixtures, clamps, stocks, and machine clamps.

• The machine can be integrated with an automatic tool changer. This can allow the machine to complete multiple operations using just one machine.

• The machine requires the instructions for milling to inputted into the computer. Once this has been done, the machine completes the task automatically. Hence, there is no need or an operator to oversee the operation.

• Once the instructions have been inputted, the machine is capable of creating multiple copies of one product, and to the exact dimensions.

• Three axis CNC machining centers can be custom designed to a client’s requirements. They can also be upgraded to 4 or 5 axis machining centers.

These various benefits are the reasons why many customers prefer using 3 axis CNC machining centers for their component creation processes. It provides efficiency, consistency, and reliability.

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