Top 6 Most Important Considerations before Hiring a Machine Shop

A machine shop is a place where different types of machine tools and cutting tools are used for machining. However, placing an order for products with a machine shop is an intricate process. When you plan to buy products or parts from any machine shop, you should be very alert and take into account certain things. If you overlook it, you may end up investing in the incorrect part. You must be thinking what are the important considerations to make, before purchasing services from a machine shop? Read on the following post, which will answer this question of yours.

Important Considerations to Choose the Right Machine Shop

There is a list of things that you are required to consider, prior to hiring a machine shop. This helps ensure the quality of products and services. Here are some key considerations to make.

1. Check the Capabilities of the Machine Shop: The first and the foremost thing to consider is checking capabilities of the machine shop, from which you are planning to avail services. Answering the following two questions about the machine shop will make it easier for you to decide whether it is the right shop for you:

• Is the machine shop an expert in the required operations? 

• Does the shop implement processes that are required by your components? 

2. Make Sure You Select the Right Material: Choosing the right material is one of the most important considerations that cannot be overlooked. Various material options like steel, aluminum and several other metals and plastics are available. However, aluminum alloys are less dense as compared to the steel alloys, making them easier to the machine. Therefore, aluminum alloys are an excellent choice as they result in less wear on the machine tools.

3. Decide on the Required Surface Roughness: Surface roughness refers to the height of peaks and troughs of a surface. The surface roughness can be measured at microscopic levels. As the number goes on increasing, the product becomes more economical, as well as rough. For example, Ra125 is more economical than Ra 63, however, the latter has a better smoothness compared to Ra125.

4. Decide the Required Tolerances: It is very crucial to specify the required tolerances. This helps in manufacturing a part that works as it is intended to. Even if you don’t require tight tolerances, it is advisable to set the correct tolerances. This not only ensures the exactness and precision of your project but also allows the part to function efficiently.

5. Check for the Quality of Work: Certain industries, including defense, medical, and aerospace require consistency in the work quality. Does your company require the same consistency? If so, you should check the quality of work provided by the machine shop and the consistency of providing good quality services. You can request for references, and check with them. Also, you can search online for customer reviews about the machine shop. 

6. Check Whether the Shop has any Certifications: Last but not the least, you need to check whether the machine shop has any certifications. You should also check whether the machine shop follows all the required standards.

All the tips-to-consider explained above will help you in purchasing from a quality machine shop. These are the most important things to consider, and you cannot afford to miss out on them. BDE Inc. is one of the machine shops that consistently deliver excellent quality in a timely manner at affordable prices. BDE provides a vast range of machining services, including precision CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, and computer-aided manufacturing services to name a few.

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