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5 Tips for Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metals are used in countless everyday objects including cars, planes, building roofs, for equestrian purposes, and more. This suggests that sheet metal has become a backbone of the modern day applications. The reliability of a product depends on the quality of sheet metal used. This means the sheet designer needs to follow a set of design strategies that will help produce accurate metal sheet parts. What are these design strategies? Read below to know more. 5 Useful Sheet Metal Design... Read more

What Makes 5 Axis CNC Machining so Advantageous?

The term “5 axis” usually refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move a tool in five directions. In 5 axis machines, the centers are capable of rotating on two additional axes, namely A and B. With the help of 5 axis machining technique, it becomes easier to move a tool or a part along 5 different axes at the same time. This technique is of great help for machining complex parts. Thus, this technique is greatly used in aerospace applications. This post discusses advantages of 5 axis CNC... Read more

5 Reasons of Using Precision CNC Machines

Do you know that a wide range of daily used objects are produced by CNC machines? The machining technique is known as CNC machining. Precision CNC machining is a procedure that employs advanced software such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). With the help of this method, various tools and equipment can be manufactured with a high level of precision. Why is precision machining so crucial today? What are its advantages? This post will explain the reasons for... Read more

Defining Parameters for CNC Turning Machines

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is the advanced industrial equipment pre-programmed to meet different machining requirements. These machines produce a precise output based on the specifications of the work piece. There are various kinds of CNC machines used today. One of them is CNC turning machines, which are used to produce cylindrical parts. In these machines, a work piece keeps on rotating, and the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion. In this blog, we will discuss the cutting parameters... Read more

CNC Machining: Best Techniques for You

CNC Machining is an automated process that is widely used in the manufacturing industry. This machining technique is controlled through programmed commands, which are encoded on computers. Some of the examples of these machines include grinders, routers, lathes, and mills with the help of computers. This post will discuss different techniques of CNC machining that will help you get the best results. What Are the Best CNC Machining Techniques? Here are some of the top CNC machining... Read more

The Reasons behind the Popularity of 3 Axis CNC Machining

Even though 5 axis CNC machining has become the next big thing in milling solutions, 3 axis CNC machining is still looked at as an efficient and profitable solution. There are a few reasons why many companies prefer using 3 axis machining equipment. This post discusses the various reasons for the same. The Various Benefits of 3 Axis CNC Machining One of the reasons why 3 axis machines are popular is that they are able to provide a variety of benefits to facility owners. These... Read more

What are the Different Tool path Strategies for Optimizing CNC Machining?

Mold and die makers use a lot of components for effective High Speed Machining (HSM) process. It is now a well-known fact that HSM has strong impact on CNC machine tools, cutting tools, controls, tool holders, and spindles. However, this impact on tool path programming and techniques is often forgotten. Today, CAD/CAM technology is developing in order to meet the specific requirements for new tool path strategies to suit the HSM environment. HSM is the process of using higher feed rates and... Read more

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from BDE Inc.

The holiday season is already here. The Portland metropolitan area  is decked with brilliant light displays, and drenched in holiday spirits. This really helps us to get into the mood of the season. This is the only time when we take a break from our hectic schedules to reflect on  a year that went by so quickly.  First, we would like to thank our hardworking and dedicated staff, who have helped us to become one of the most trusted quick turnaround machine shops in Portland, Oregon. We... Read more

Why are 4 Axis CNC Machines Preferred over Other Types?

CNC refers to Computer Numerical Control. CNC machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that makes use of computers to control machine tools. Tools such as lathes, mills, routers, and grinders can be controlled in this manner. A computer program is tailored for an object, and machines are programmed with G-code, which is a CNC machining language. The program is responsible for controlling features such as coordination, location, feed rate, and speed. With the help of CNC... Read more

Understanding Computer-aided Manufacturing and its Benefits

Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) is the term used to describe the use of computerized systems to control the operations at a manufacturing plant. These computerized systems assist manufacturers in various operations such as planning, transportation, management, and storage. CAM helps manufacturers improve their time to market capabilities, and create precise dimensions. In this post, you will understand how Computer-aided Manufacturing is transforming the landscape of manufacturing. Brief... Read more

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