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BDE Celebrates National Manufacturing Day 2018 with Students

Students from local Century High School in Hillsboro, Oregon attended the Manufacturing Day Event 2018 at BDE Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. on October 05, 2018. The National Manufacturing Day aims to generate awareness about the future of manufacturing, lucrative career options in manufacturing, and clear the air about careers in manufacturing. A Brief History of National Manufacturing DayCelebrated on the first Friday of October, the Manufacturing Day honors the tradition of manufacturing.... Read more

Understanding the Basics of Milling Machine

The manufacturing industry requires different types of machines, instruments, and equipment to carry out various processes, for manufacturing products. Among these many equipment and instruments used in the said industry, is one machine, which has a great importance – milling machine. What is this machine? What are the various parts of a milling machine? Are you curious to know? If yes, then read the following post, which answers these questions for you. What is a Milling Machine?A milling... Read more

Top Powerful Factors that can Impact Manufacturing Costs

As we all know, CNC machining has become the most widely used service in most industries. When you have any CNC machining requirement, the first thing to do is approach a service provider and asks for a quote. Most of the times, the quoted price may feel like a random guess. Similarly, the manufacturing costs may sometimes look too high or, very cheap, at times. What are the factors that decide the rise or fall of manufacturing costs? Would you like to know? This post is focused on discussing... Read more

6 Reasons for the Popularity of CNC Machining over Traditional Machining

Which is the best, CNC machining process (Computer Numerical Control) or conventional machining method? Many product manufacturers have this question and are unsure which one to prefer during the fabrication process. There is no doubt that conventional machining still has value as they deliver the exact part, on the specification, that’s ordered. However, CNC machining outperforms traditional machining due to their advanced features and capabilities. Let us explore some of the benefits of CNC... Read more

3D CAD Modeling & Its Relation to Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has witnessed a lot of technology developments and advancements in the recent years. The 3D CAD modeling technology is one such technology, which has gained popularity in the recent years. This technology plays an important role in manufacturing various products with extreme precision and ease. You must be thinking what makes this technology so important to the manufacturing industry. This post explains the significance of 3D CAD modeling in manufacturing. Are you... Read more

Basic Skills Required to Conduct CNC Milling Operations – Part 2

In the last post, we have discussed the required skills and responsibilities of the management and design team of a CNC milling service provider. As a continuation, we will now discuss the other major departments and their roles and responsibilities. • Planning: Good planning determines successful milling operations, whilst avoiding confusions that may arise in between. It is important to plan the CNC milling operation based on the material type. Also, plan the operations such as side... Read more

Basic Skills Required to Conduct CNC Milling Operations – Part 1

CNC-milling machine tools are used to shape metals and other solid materials to desired specifications. Computers aided programs to control and drive these machine tools. They are known for their wide range of cutting abilities, which allow conducting several complicated operations such as indexing, gang milling, and straddle milling, among several others on materials. However, in order to program, operate, and run the milling operations efficiently, it is crucial to lay importance to some... Read more

Benefits of Having a Precision CNC Machine

Precision CNC machining has made a great impact on most industries. Many people are ignorant of the fact that precision machining is already part of their lives. Today, businesses realize that they can only survive in the changing environment if they adopt technical advances. What are the different types of precision CNC machining? How are they influencing lives across the globe? Read this post to know more about precision CNC machining. Different Types of Precision CNC Machines ExplainedThe... Read more

CNC Machining Vs. 3D Printing – What Do You Prefer?

CNC machining is not a new technology, but 3D printing is. Over the years, 3D printed objects have gained popularity among technology addicts and novices. This new technology has a lot to offer and is making its presence felt in various production environments. All this doesn’t mean that CNC machining is losing its charm. This post discusses the strengths of both technologies – CNC machining and 3D printing, and how they add value to the manufacturing facility.5 Major Differences between... Read more

What are the Important Manufacturing Processes Followed in Different Industries? – II

Manufacturing techniques are constantly evolving in various industries. OEM’s in these industries are constantly working hard to improve their competitiveness and productivity. In the previous post, we have seen some popular manufacturing processes adopted by manufacturers in the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries. In this post, we will continue with important techniques in other industries. An Introduction to Various Popular Manufacturing Processes in Consumer Electronics and... Read more

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