An Overview of the Safety Guidelines to Follow during Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining is a machining process that enables manufacturers create components of various sizes and shapes with tight tolerances. Performed using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, the process allows to reshape your parts with exceptionally smooth surface finishes, and assures repeatability, even at high volumes. The process involves cutting, milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining to remove excess, raw material from a work-piece without any manual intervention. Although the process does not demand direct human labor, there are several instances that operators come in close contact with the machines performing the task. While modern CNC machine tools are designed with many safety features, unexpected accidents and injuries are inevitable at machining shops. Therefore, adhering to certain safety guidelines is mandatory during precision CNC machining process. This post throws light into the same.

Set Safety as the Paramount Importance

Precision CNC machines are considered as safer than manual machine tools. However, any carelessness, neglect or ignorance can lead to catastrophic incidents. The following safety practices must be stringently followed to avoid such unforeseen situations.

  • Shop Etiquette:

    There are certain best practices that the workers in a machining shop must follow right from their entry till they wrap up the day. A few of them are:

    • They must walk and move deliberately across the shop as hurrying up can slip their footing leading to a fall.

    • They must watch their arms always as most accidents are reported when the arms accidently come in contact with a functionable machine or when they get in to a pile of sharp chips.

    • Workers should not interrupt others when performing a task. Also, they should talk softly and limit their interactions within the shop.

    • The operators must keep the tools and equipment properly at place in the right condition after every operation. In case any tool gets damaged during their usage, instruct users to communicate about the same with their supervisor. Do not hide such instances of tool damage as it poses danger to the person who will be using it for the next time.

  • Clothing and Safety Equipment:

    A careful consideration must be given in clothing as improper dressing can cause accidents and injuries. A few safety practices when it comes to clothing include:

    • As precision CNC machining involves loud noise, it is recommended to use proper hearing protection aids.

    • Always wear industrial shoes, preferably steel toe boots or shoes that efficaciously prevent the falling of heavy objects directly on foot.

    • Avoid loose clothing and long sleeves as there are high chances that they can get caught inside a machine due to negligence.

  • General Safety Practices:

    Supervisors in the precision CNC machining shops also ensure that their workers are adhering to the following practices stringently.

    • As a clean work atmosphere is safe for operation, always get in to that practice of cleaning the place nearby the machines right after each operation. Left overs and debris of machining operations like fine metal pieces or chips, pose danger to others.

    • Make sure that the workers are clear with the operating procedures before starting any operation. They should know the safety features of the machines, especially about the emergency stop button.

    • Instruct them to review all CNC set up and operating procedures and encourage them to operate machines as per the standard.

    • Although it is a common practice of leaving CNC machines unattended, it must be strictly avoided considering the safety of others.

    • Instruct the workers not to run a machine that is diagnosed with any damage. Repair or replace it immediately depending on the level of damage.

    • They should not alter or modify any machinery, tooling or accessory unless asked to do so.

    • Operators must refrain from indulging in precision CNC machining operation in poor lit areas.

Ensuring Safety at Precision CNC Machining Shops Leads to Render Efficacious Service

Failing to follow safety measures leads to accidents, which in turn affects the overall productivity of machining shops. Therefore, getting precision CNC machining done from service providers who stringently follow standardized safety practice is highly recommended to get the delivery of high-quality parts without hindrance. If you are looking for such a service provider who keeps a close watch on quality while abiding to all safety measures, then BDE Manufacturing Technologies (BDE) is the name you can rely on. Owning a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop, this precision CNC machining service provider has the expertise to tackle any project and meet your exact specifications.

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