BDE Inc. is Now a Certified Electroimpact Preferred Supplier

BDE Manufacturing Technologies has reached another level of success, thanks to its focus on quality, and providing excellent manufacturing services. The organization was recently awarded a Supplier Inspection Acceptance Certificate from Electroimpact, an aerospace automation product solutions provider. The certificate was awarded to BDE in August, 2016. The certificate was a confirmation that both companies had agreed to the terms of the Supplier Inspection Acceptance Program.

Certified Electroimpact Preferred Supplier - BDE

The Making of a Partnership

Electroimpact is an organization that focuses on providing engineering solutions for the aerospace automation industry. The organization provides product solutions for any and all aerospace requirements. These include wings, tooling, product assemblies, and spacecraft transportation equipment.

The organization wanted to work with a supplier, which could provide world-class products and services. It was looking for a solution to ensure that it entered into a partnership with an organization that focused on quality results. Electroimpact contacted BDE due to their reputation for providing manufacturing solutions that help meet the intrinsic needs of customers. Electroimpact asked BDE to perform an inspection of a few aerospace products.

Electroimpact was impressed by the BDE team’s ‘can do’ philosophy, and the quality of their work. So elated was the Electroimpact team that they accepted the inspection performed by BDE, and provided them with the inspection acceptance certificate.

This partnership proves that focusing on quality excellence is the ideal route to success in the manufacturing industry. The combination of Electroimpact’s concept to delivery offerings, and BDE’s focus on quality manufacturing solutions will result in immense success. Both organizations are elated about the alliance, and are looking forward to working together in the future.


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