What are the Important Manufacturing Processes Followed in Different Industries?

Manufacturing is an important factor in success and progress in various industries. However, these manufacturing needs aren’t the same in every industry. There are several manufacturing techniques for an industry. This means a customer may get confused about the appropriate selection. This post enlightens about important manufacturing techniques followed in different industries. 

Understanding Different Manufacturing Processes in Aerospace Industry 

Aerospace industry demands precision. Any single imperfection can cause devastating damage when it comes to the space stations or other aerospace applications. Also, it is a huge safety risk.  Hence, it is important to implement a manufacturing process that offers a high degree of precision. The following are some choices available:

Precision CNC machining has become a preferred machining technique among various aerospace manufacturers. This technique offers high precision parts and versatility in terms of materials and finishes.

• Fused Deposition Modelling, abbreviated as FDM, is another manufacturing process employed for processing materials other than the sheet metal. Being a prominent form of rapid manufacturing, FDM is used for prototyping and production applications. 

• Selective Laser Sintering is another popular 3D printing technique popular among aerospace OEMs. In SLS, several tiny particles of ceramic, plastic, and glass are fused by heating to produce a three-dimensional object. 

A Brief Discussion on Important Manufacturing Processes in Medical Industry

The manufacturing in the medical industry involves major segment such as implantable devices, medical instruments, and orthopedic devices. All these devices demand precision and close tolerances. Additionally, medical manufacturing is driven by regulations, innovations, and time-to-market capabilities. The following are some manufacturing processes that allow medical manufacturers to overcome their concerns, as well as adhere to regulations. 

• Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is one of the popular techniques used for medical device manufacturing. This technique allows product designers to produce complex parts with precision. The DMLS is ideal for metal, non-metal and plastic parts. 

• CNC machining is a preferred choice for several medical instruments and implant manufacturing services, where finishes, and close tolerances can be a concern. 

Understanding Popular Automotive Industry Manufacturing Processes

The automotive industry is considered the trendsetter in the manufacturing industry. The industry is evolving at a fast pace. Rising demand for precision compact-sized components is pushing automotive OEMs to choose different efficient manufacturing processes such as these:

• CNC milling and turning are preferred by automotive manufacturers due to the versatility that it offers. This technique aids in construction of components in precise specifications, as well as enable minute surface detailing. Most modern CNC milling and turning machines enable manufacturers to conduct diverse sub-operations such as boring, reaming, hard turning, peripheral milling, etc. 

Large part CNC machining is another popular CNC machining process preferred by automotive manufacturers for creating large parts such as suspension components, turbines, and discs, machine bases and columns, etc. 

Is this all? No there is even more. In the next installment of the post, we will discuss popular manufacturing techniques in other industries.

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